Flanders Book Historical Society

Flanders Book Historical Society (Vlaamse Werkgroep Boekgeschiedenis, VWB) unites every person who does research or has an interest in the history of the handwritten, printed or digital book. Its members consist of scientists, librarians, curators, bookbinders and other book lovers.  

VWB aims at uniting every practitioner in the study of the book, either by profession or by interest, in order to exchange knowledge, promote initiatives and encourage new research, while keeping a wide perspective on events outside Flanders and in other fields of study.

Board of directors

  • President: Steven Van Impe
  • Secretary: Zanna Van Loon
  • Treasurer, Miræus Lectures, website: Alexander Soetaert

Contact: vlaamsewerkgroepboekgeschiedenis@outlook.com

Address and bank account

Vlaamse Werkgroep Boekgeschiedenis vzw
Ondernemingsnummer 0669.692.849

Generaal De Ceuninckstraat 66
2800 Mechelen

IBAN: BE25 0635 8578 7782


Membership is renewed at the start of each calendar year.  

Membership is possible by paying a membership fee (15 EUR) by EU-bank transfer into the bank account mentioned above.

Members receive VWB newsletters and are invited to the annual meeting. If you want to receive the newsletters, please let us know your e-mail adress.

Would you like to receive an invoice? Please contact Alexander Soetaert at alexander.soetaert@telenet.be.